The brand

Qui suis je ?


Hello, let me introduce myself, Andréa, stylist for 20 years initially in men's ready-to-wear. Fan of music and the pin-up style of the 50s and 60s.

I launched POULETTES SISTERS in 2019, it is a French brand of clothing and accessories for women fans of Rock and Girl Power.

Le logo


A white hand, with red nails, making the sign of the horns, a sign of recognition, of greeting, but also to honor a group playing on stage, in music Rock and Metal.

With red nails for femininity, since I like to bring together WOMEN who are fans of this music and this universe.

Les produits


In a Lifestyle spirit, POULETTES SISTERS s available, it's a whole universe: T-shirts, Sweats, Skirts, Pin's, Patches, Backpacks, Shoes, Caps, Beanies, and even recently a collection of interior decoration.

Le club


Private space, reserved for clients, it is a space dedicated to women, where we share lots of things:

Good deals, Good Addresses, Trusted tattoo artists, Concerts, Festivals, our Vinted wardrobes.

It brings together women sharing the same tastes and the same values. LE CREW DES POULETTES, they are already 4300 in France !

Le club


Our website :

On festivals : follow our news to find out about our next releases. via Insta / FB or the Newsletter.

At our Resellers: in 18 stores in France and Belgium.

👋 You want to take a look at the press kit, it’s here : Press kit.