15/05/2021 - ibulle

Selection Poulette #3 – KITSCH PICKS (English)

Discover the Poulettes Sisters ' Selection, with today, the collaboration with the english designer, who makes jewel with picks, living in Malta, of the "Kitsch and Picks" brand.

"Poulettes Sisters" in collaboration with "Kitsch Picks"

After deciding to have Poulettes Sisters “Hell Hand” picks made for pure fun, because even if I don't know how to live without music, I'm not a musician myself. Having said that, you will understand that when I discovered the account of this Kitsch Picks designer, I immediately tilted ... yes my brain is a pinball machine 😊

Making these earring picks was obvious and I contacted Nicole, who immediately agreed! We were on the same guitar wavelength! I tell you a little more about Kitsch Picks and its designer Nicole.

About Kitsch Picks

Kitsch Picks is a rock'n'roll-infused jewelry brand with musical roots that span many years. Its creator and owner Nicole is an English rocker from London, living on the beautiful Mediterranean shores of Malta.

Kitsch Picks

This small independent company spreads the love for music through unique handmade creations using a variety of musical mediums. All designs are made by hand, using a mix of various materials with a strong emphasis on quality, durability and total originality.

Unlike Fast Fashion, there is no factory production process here - each model is carefully formed to be completely unique, with only a few of the same piece being made a handful of times. The brand includes a variety of textiles including hypoallergenic stainless steel, chain, leather, feathers, beads, recycled components, guitar picks and more.

Kitsch Picks strives to be different and stand out from the crowd; it's a tribute to all the proud and powerful guys and girls who rock this world with their music.

Nicole, a Rock'n'Roll designer

A colorful character with a deep passion for music!

Big fan of glam rock and rockabilly, his greatest inspirations are David Bowie, Andy Warhol and Dita Von Teese; not to mention the love of the bizarre and the alternative.

Its designer Nicole

Fashion and music have always been at the center of her preoccupations and when she's not creating new products and doing her daily job, she can be found swinging for a live concert somewhere, and like all of us. she wants to go back and quickly!

We are proud to present 6 exclusive models, created by Nicole for Poulettes Sisters, keep in touch you will discover them these following days :

These models will be available THIS WEEK END in PRE-ORDER in his eshop and mine, for only 1 or 2 pieces per style…..

We hope you like them as much as we do.

Follow here on its Instagram @kitschpicks

And find her other products on her website : www.kitschpicks.com

Poulettes Sisters

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