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Patch rond brodé "Poulettes Sisters"

6 €

TVA incluse (si applicable)

Embroidered patch is round, 5 cm of diameter, it represent the brand POULETTES SISTERS with at center his logo : a woman's hand with red nails, which makes the sign of the horns. Very popular in rock and metal music in general, the symbol of the horns, which I call the "hell yeah", is a sign of recognition, but also of salvation, when we honor the band of music that we come cheer in a concert ... it's also the logo of Poulettes Sisters This patch should be sewn (there is no glue at back side) Finally girls who "rock" are entitled to their sign of rallying female, pin-up version of "Hell Yeah". This patch will be sent to you in a nice little package ... surprise, surprise! :) Wear it proudly! Power to Girls Who Rocks!