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Escarpin "Hell Dots" Rouge

65 €

TVA incluse (si applicable)

If like me you're crazy about shoes with fun patterns, inspired rock, rockabilly and the Pin up universe, you'll love these pumps with an allover pattern made of the logo in a very pin up polka dot pattern! "For girls who rocks" on a red background. Material: printed nylon canvas and red plain canvas on the heel. Heel height: 7.6 cm Rubber sole. To choose your size: look at the last image you will find the equivalencies US size / EU size / length in centimeters. Important detail: I chose to trust a third party company to manufacture these pumps, because I do not have the skills or the machines for manufacturing. I also chose them, because it is about producing to order, so no mess, no useless stock. In this slow fashion process, I ask you to be patient, any order requires a manufacturing time between 5 and 7 working days that cannot be reduced. Time: an average of 15 days between ordering and delivery. Super cool tip: port fees are free :)